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DMaaS has been specifically developed for market leading vendors who want their clients to benefit from reliable and efficient data migration. The Datalynx DMaaS provides everything you need to on-board clients swiftly and easily. DMaaS means you benefit from early revenue and your clients get a great on-boarding experience. Why not focus on developing, selling and supporting your application. Let us worry about data migration.

How does DMaaS work?

DMaaS follows the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model consisting of:

  • Ingest


    Secure ingest of data from remote sources

  • Transform


    Discover and transform data to a common model

  • Validate


    Assess and report data quality

  • Prepare


    Prepare data for target model

  • Publish


    Publish data into target system and produce reconciliation reports

Why use DMaaS?

You’ve developed a highly successful application and you’re a market leader in your field. Clients are migrating off the competition and onto your application. But migrating clients data can be an uphill struggle – clients data quality might be poor and you might not have the resource or in-house expertise to support the work. It’s likely these challenges are getting in the way of rolling out your product. Make sure you can deliver the complete experience for your clients – a seamless, effortless and secure migration.

Let us help you reach the summit. Talk to us today about how we can help you migrate your clients data without the hassle.

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The struggle to migrate data is clear

In a survey of over 200 companies only 13% of respondents did not experience difficulties in migrating to the cloud. In the same survey, 84% of respondents use cloud services and 70% of those expect to increase their use of cloud services in the next 12 months.

So adoption of cloud services is increasing and vendors who make their migration to the cloud easier for their clients will be winners.

Four benefits of Data Migration-as-a-Service

  • 1

    Remotely managed and scalable service providing a flexible and responsive solution

  • 2

    Decoupling of source and target via a common model allows target rules and minimum data requirements to be defined only once

  • 3

    Repeatable and predictable set of processes to accelerate the migration of client data

  • 4

    Support and documentation for clients including pre-sales, detailed client process instructions and acceptance testing guidance

Can we help you?

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