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Nicky tackles the Tor des Glaciers

If you dismiss the idea of active transport as too much like hard work, you might want to consider the challenge Datalynx Business Support Administrator Nicky Spinks is currently undertaking.

Nicky, a world-class fell runner, is currently competing in the Tor 450 – Tor des Glaciers. The event, held in the Italian Alps, is an astonishing 450km run through some of the most demanding terrain in Europe.

At the time of writing, Nicky is in third place amongst the women: an outstanding performance. She has now been running for an almost unimaginable 108 hours, and has already covered 277km – the equivalent of running from our office in Watford to Leeds. Imagine that – and still having another 180km to complete (pretty much getting you to Sunderland!)

Find out more about the event here –

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