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Data Quality

Data Quality Analysis and Integrity Checking

Regardless of your particular data quality challenge, whether it is part of a data migration or a data quality initiative, Datalynx data quality services can provide the solution you need.

Lynx Profiler – our Data Quality software – is a commercial data quality package; our customers include the National Policing Improvement Agency, who licensed the software for all forty-three UK police forces to improve the quality of police operational data.

Our experienced data quality consultants will undertake your quality improvement program, along with administrative staff who can perform manual data cleansing should it be required.

Using our standard methodology, Datalynx can undertake a complete data quality assessment for you, from defining the data quality measures that are important to you, through to analysing your data and, if required, correcting it. Our data quality software can then be configured to perform regular data quality assessments.

We have a standard two-phase approach which can be adapted to your requirements:

Data Quality Investigation

The goal of the phase is to identify your specific data quality rules, assess the data, quantify the data quality challenge and agree the actions required to improve the data quality.

This would be achieved by undertaking the following tasks –

  • Initial data quality analysis using our standard data quality measures
  • Data quality rules discovery
  • Full data quality assessment using the expanded data quality rules
  • Develop and agree a “Data quality management specification” (DQMs) which defines how each issue should be addressed


  • Initial and full Data Quality reports
  • Data Quality management specification
  • Proposal and estimate for the Data Quality Improvement Phase

Data Quality Improvement

The goal of this phase is to put in place the measures to improve your data quality

We would employ a range of data quality improvement techniques to correct the data quality issues dependant on the volume and nature of particular issues discovered in your data:

  • Manual
  • Scripted or programmatic correction
  • Report for addressing by you.
  • Augment or correction with external sources for example
    – Address cleansing
    – Removal of gone aways, opt outs and the deceased

Where the number of errors is low, or difficult to correct in an automated manner, Datalynx can supply the necessary resources to manually correct the data wherever appropriate.