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Fine win for Barry

Riding against stiff opposition, Datalynx – Parenesis rider Barry McDonald pulled off a superb win in the circuit race at Colchester’s new Northern Gateway closed race circuit last Tuesday.

Barry had to try to stop the dominant team, Interbike RT, from taking complete control of the race from the off – no mean task. Managing to stop riders from gaining too much of an advantage, Barry led out the final sprint and held on for the win. He told us:

“(On the final lap) I kept the speed low and deliberately kept looking around so that all of them knew I was watching for any surprise moves. Along the long back straight, I very subtly started ramping up the speed, so that by the time we reached the final bend I was on the inside line with high speed.”

“As soon as the bend straightened out, I accelerated hard, taking the straightest line through; I knew this would make it hard for them to pass. Out of the slight chicane, and onto the brief straight run at the line, I held them off by half a wheel.”

Congratulations for a fine win from everyone at Datalynx, Barry!

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