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Police National Database

Connecting law enforcement throughout the UK

An Ambitious National Programme

The Police National Database (PND) is currently available to all UK police forces and selected law enforcement agencies, allowing these organisations to share intelligence and other information captured in local systems on a national basis.  In response to recommendations made in the Bichard inquiry after the murders of two 10 year old girls in Soham, the PND supports delivery of 3 strategic benefits:

  • To safeguard children and vulnerable people
  • To counter terrorism
  • To prevent and disrupt serious and organised crime

In 2007 Logica (now CGI) was awarded a £75M contract to build and deliver the PND system to the Home office.  Datalynx was selected by the Home Office to assist all UK Police forces to provide data to PND and provide on-going support to the forces.

A Large and Challenging Programme

Datalynx tackled this challenging project with a structured and focussed approach which involved the following steps:

  1. Development of a data migration strategy in collaboration with the Home Office, police forces and agencies as data providers and CGI as the supplier of the PND system.
  2. Design of the PND interfaces and development of the schema definition to enable data in a consistent format to be supplied from 200+ source systems into a single repository.
  3. Development and implementation of data quality and data ingest rules.
  4. Development of the Force Action Plan – a planning and tracking tool to assist forces to implement effective data interfaces.
  5. Support of 51 data providers comprising police forces and law enforcement agencies in order to create synchronising interfaces. Provision of data from 200+ operational systems into the PND and delivery of artefacts to Home Office stakeholders.

Datalynx provided the project management coordination and support to ensure the data migration project was delivered on time and within budget.

Automated Sharing of Intelligence across a Significant User-base

The resulting system has enabled police forces and law enforcement agencies to share intelligence efficiently across the UK.  Implementation of an automated data provision solution has saved time and effort that would otherwise have been spent transferring data manually.  In addition, with effective data management functionality the information supplied to PND is streamlined and reliable.  As of August 2016, the PND system is handling more than 1.5 billion records and 19.5 million images.  Furthermore, the system has a capacity to serve 12,000 users.  Subsequent to their initial engagement on PND, Datalynx has continued to provide support services for a further 8 years and is now providing subject matter expertise to the National Law Enforcement Data Programme (NLEDP) which will deliver the next generation of integrated law enforcement data services.

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