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North Wales Police

Gathering intelligence

North Wales Police (NWP) had a number of systems which hold various aspects of crime and intelligence data relating to the North Wales area. Along with most other forces in the UK they were seeking to rationalise and consolidate the data into a single system which allows better searching and cross-referencing capabilities in preparation for the creation of a national database.

We were asked to conduct an audit of the systems held by NWP, to investigate the relevance and quality of the data within them and to make recommendations regarding the desirability and feasibility of data migration from each.

We were asked to migrate data from three legacy systems, merging the data into NWP’s existing Niche RMS Records Management System.

We were responsible for the management of the complete data migration from project initiation to completion. Due to the sensitive nature of the data the project was run entirely on-site in North Wales, requiring our consultants to be on-site for the duration of the project. Lynx ETL was used throughout. Data migration activity included data mapping, production data migration, issue management and resolution and liaise/coordination with suppliers and management of 3rd party companies.

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