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Enhancing analytics of medical data

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) had a requirement to create an enhanced commercial analysis tool and in the process replace their two existing analysis tools. The completion date for the initial release was in time for the commercial analysts to create their yearly evaluations both for product development decisions and reporting to the stock market. The project timescale covered the development of the new product, design of the new database and the migration of the existing databases.

GSK had two existing Oracle 8 databases hosting their existing analysis tools.  The tools were used by separate business groups as they covered analysis at different stages in the lifecycle of their products.

The databases were distributed internationally with one hosted in the US and the other in the UK.  Each database held between 200 and 300MB of medical trial data relating to the product, the predicted costs, sales and penetration of market.

The structure of the databases was complex due to the nature of the data being held. Information was integrated by the applications from other corporate databases to enhance the content.

We worked as part of a collaborative team involving GSK IT staff from the US and UK along with Microsoft in the UK with us undertaking database design, development and migration including mapping, production data migration and issue management and resolution.

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