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Paying our Suppliers

How to help us ensure you are paid promptly

Paying Our Suppliers


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As a responsible company we work to ensure that you are paid promptly and are members of the Prompt Payment Code. To help us achieve this, please consider the following points below:


All invoices should be emailed to
Invoices must include the following items of information before we can process them for payment:

  • Your company name and address details
  • Address the invoice to Datalynx Ltd, 15-23 Greenhill Crescent, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 8PH
  • A unique invoice number
  • A current invoice date – The invoice date must not differ by more than 15 days from the date the invoice is received by Datalynx.
  • A clear description of the goods or services supplied including relevant back-up information, e.g. timesheets or quote
  • Correct VAT amount and rate applicable
  • VAT identification number
  • Your payee details including IBAN (if applicable), SWIFT/BIC, beneficiary name, bank account number and sort code.
  • If you are sending a credit note, please reference the invoice number against which the credit note should be applied.
  • Your accounts receivable or finance department e-mail address

Failure to include any of this information may result in your invoices being returned to you unpaid.

Payment term

If the necessary information is correctly stated on your invoices, and there is no dispute, your invoices will be paid within 30 days of receipt, if nothing else has been agreed in contract.

Dispute Resolution

Payment disputes relating to correctly submitted invoices should be referred to the Accounts Team who will investigate the dispute and respond within 5 working days. The accounts team can be contacted on


If you have a query about an invoice, please contact us at