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Code list mapping system developed by Datalynx

LynxLists is a code list mapping system, developed by Datalynx for deployment against the Police National Database.

Police forces and other law enforcement agencies have a substantial number of dropdown lists in their source systems. These vary from force to force depending on the system supplier. For example, the code for the eye colour blue, could be BLU in one system and 1234 in another. LynxLists is an application that takes all of the force lists, and their codes, and maps them to national standards. A common language is then presented to the end PND user to assist in standardised searching and a common understanding of the data. There are numerous lists of varying types, for example: vehicles, person descriptions and offence types.

Dedicated staff conduct the mapping exercise in the LynxLists system, and it is then validated by the force before the output file is submitted to PND. LynxLists contains many features to assist with mapping, including automapping using more complex methods. It also allows for the introduction of a large number of business rules to ensure that data standards are met.

LynxLists is scalable and can be employed for almost any type of data in any system.


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