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Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Social Responsibility?

Our business is data migration. However, we also believe that we can help to make the world a better place. Whether it’s our employees, suppliers or our clients, we believe the we have a role to play in improving lives and doing everything we can to improve the environment, both locally and globally.

Employee welfare

Where possible, we aim to improve the lives of those we work with through the promotion of positive work / life balance, development of skills, encouragement of healthy lifestyles and support of charities. We support flexible working arrangements, including work from home, and – notwithstanding the limitations imposed by our location – encourage opportunities for employees to take exercise and to cycle or walk to work. We provide a staff benefits scheme to all employees.

Employment opportunities

We aim to create work opportunities whenever possible, including providing opportunities for ex-armed forces personnel and recent graduates. We try to remove barriers to those seeking employment, and to facilitate work opportunities for small, medium and micro-sized businesses.

The local environment

Whenever possible, we procure goods and services locally in order to reduce our impact on the environment and to increase opportunities for those who trade in our area. We aim to create a positive impact on our local environment, and as such strive to reduce the waste of materials, including water, and to reuse or recycle whenever possible.

The River Colne, Watford

Support of voluntary organisations and charities

We support sports teams with the aim of both providing opportunities to elite athletes of both genders and also encouraging local athletes. We are delighted to be able to support charities through this sponsorship.

Isabella Johnson and Simon Daw at Goodwood Circuit